What Do You Get with Spray Foam Insulation?

> The most efficient way to use spray foam in the South East Texas climate zone is to form a completely closed, non vented living and attic area.
>The air seal creates more R-Value and brings the HVAC unit into conditioned space increasing the efficiency of HVAC unit (your attic unit will be in 80 degree temps instead of 120+ in the summer).
> A “greener ” home that can save 30-70% on electric usage
> More R-Value per inch (usually installed with R-14 in walls and R-22 on roof deck) to meet 2006 International Building Code for the South East Texas Climate Zone
> Up to a 75% quieter home because of the spray foams’ sound deadening properties
>Adds structural strength
> Resists mold and pests
>An upgrade that truly pays for itself, typical payback in 2-4 years

When is spray foam installed?

Generally after the house is “dried in” (roof on and not leaking), and electrical and plumbing rough-inscomplete.

What is the R-value and how is it different than Fiberglass?

R-3.7 per inch. Creating an air seal is the most important aspect of spray foam.

Open cell or closed cell?

Open cell is recommended in walls and roofs for our climate zone for residential construction. It isnot a moisture barrier and must be used in a wall assembly that has an integral moisture barrier.
Closed cell is a moisture barrier and is typically used in crawl spaces and wine rooms where r-value and moisture control are needed.

What is done differently in the construction of the home when spray foam is used?

no attic and soffit venting (except at porches).
No tech shield(except porches), use regular osb or plywood for roof deck).
Hvac:most important have a qualified hvac company that is familiar with a non-vented foam system specify the correct system, which could include any or all of the following:
– Downsizing of tonnage by 30-40%
– Sealed combustion chamber
– External air supply intake
– Dual stage fan
Caution: Usually the system should be about the same price or a little less than the one for a conventionally insulated home. It does not necessarily have to be a higher seer rating because you are using foam.

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