Air Barriers

Spray Foam is a Superior Air Barrier

Air Barriers control the unintended movement of air into and out of a commercial or residential building enclosure. They are made up of a number of materials which are assembled together to provide a complete and total barrier to air leakage.

The air barrier system “wraps” the building shell and ensures that the building is protected from air leakage and adverse affects. These effects can range from energy loss, mold, occupant discomfort and more. These can also reduce the life span of a building.

A properly functioning air barrier system provides a barrier against both the air leakage and the diffusion of air caused by weather, wind, stack and mechanical equipment pressures.

Spray Foam Insulated Air Barrier Systems are fully-adhered, providing a seamless, monolithic air barrier that conforms to irregular shapes, slopes and allows easy detailing around penetrations such as pipes, windows, doors and sheathing fasteners. SPF air barriers contribute to improved building durability, energy efficiency, and to occupant comfort, health and safety.

Not only does spray foam provide the highest level of thermal insulation, it provides a monolithic, fully sealed air and moisture barrier. Its spray applied installation process speeds construction and reduces labor costs substantially.

Alternate air barrier systems such as sheet goods require a great deal more labor for installation. Sheet goods often do not possess the insulation (R-value) characteristics and are often susceptible to tears, and air leaks due to their reliance on proper seeming, adhesion and interface with the building’s facade.

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