Wall Insulation

Either Closed Cell Spray Foam or Open Cell Spray Foam can be used to insulate your walls. Which one should you use?.

Spray foam insulation is the perfect way to insulate your walls. On today’s modern houses that are designed by todays designers you have very few areas that run from floor to ceiling on 16 inch centers. A lot of the wall cavities are like the ones pictured below. They are 6 inches wide in places or 12 or 8 or even 2. They also have pipes, pex, electric wires, and vents running through them.

If you use fiberglass insulation in your walls your lucky to get a great fit in a perfect 16-inch floor to ceiling wall cavity. If you have to cut it, or stuff it, or piece it together, you will create areas that have little insulation value. This means that if you trying are to achieve an R value of R 13 by using fiberglass rated at R 13 you failed. You also have virtually no air seal in any of those areas. What this really means in today’s more modern world of energy test such as blower door ratings, and performance test is your house will be too leaky to pass.

This is where spray foam insulation is a great fit in more ways than one. Spray foam expands to fill and seal all those small spaces. It also fills the area around pipes and wires. When you use spray foam in your walls you get a consistent R value along with a house that can pass the blower door test on the first attempt.
Spray foam gives you a more comfortable house. The sound attenuating properties of foam will also give you a house that more effectively blocks out noise.

Texas Spray Foam Insulators is the company to contact if you want more information. We have been spraying foam in Texas for over eight years. Our experience insures that your job is done right the first time.

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